About Us

Improving Lives Through Daily Service

Askme Infoline provides repair services for almost all your house appliances and to cater digital needs of your business we also offer Website and Application development services. We deeply understand the plight you feel when an appliance that you bought with your hard earned money, to make your life easy and happy breaks down or malfunctions. Well, with Askme reviving that appliance has never been easier.

Established 18 years ago, we started with fewer employees and were only operating in one city. In present with a great reputation, we now actively offer repair services in 8 big cities across India and development services across the globe.


What do we believe in?

Askme Infoline is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and believes in offering you cost effective services with smooth and hassle free experience. Happy to testify that we have undertaken more than 40K orders and repaired over 50k appliances that are currently functioning and in best conditions.

Our technicians

Askme Infoline has a team of technicians that are unbelievably skilled in their craft. Each one of them is on their best behaviour, officially certified & trained for what they do and have earned a high credibility throughout the whole 18 years of Askme journey.

They are experts and trained for the job which otherwise is hazardous for a normal inexperienced person. So, please for your safety let experts take care of it. All our technicians use 100% modern, updated and well-sanitized tools for your appliances.

We take all necessary precautions to maintain the best health of each person of our Askme family.

Our Technicians are highly trusted and reliable. We work closely with our technicians to ensure their happiness and subsequently it makes their work for you even more happier. We operate with over 100+ technicians that arrive at your doorstep with just one call. We operate repairs inclusively of each and every common as well as elite brand of appliances. For more you can browse through the service descriptions and our blogs that are curated just for you.

our technician

Contacting Us

Incase of complaints, we always have our emails, social media handles open for your texts. You can call us and simply talk through our customer care executive. We value your satisfaction above everything. We also offer a re-visit in case your appliance is not working smoothly in the period of 20 days of the repair session.

Incase of queries, you can simply fill out the form with your requirement details and appliance information, preferred timings and more and we shall revert back with our best services within a few minutes. And our technician at your door within an hour.

With all this, just for further information you can fill out the query form and request a call back and we shall be available at your service in 5 minutes of your requests.

Incase of feedback, inbox to all our social media handles, e-mails. Star ratings, reviews on various platforms, tweets, youtube vlogs of repair everything is more than welcome. Constructive criticism is most appreciated. User suggestions are one of our strengths for surviving in this industry for 18 long years and we plan on taking best user suggestions everytime. So, go ahead and drop us a message and we shall contact you soon for joining us on call and elaborate your suggestion.

In conclusion, we appreciate your interest in knowing about us, we strive to keep our customers happy and happy to expand each passing day.

And for our heroes without capes - our technicians, we request you to be cooperative with them.